The Churches of Sacred Heart


Magda (Maggie) Ruiz & Fran Petrow

Sacred Heart Catholic Church
211 W. Charlotte Ave.
(North side of Building 1)

31’ x 85’

Mural Creation Sponsors
Sacred Heart Catholic Church

In 1929 the first permanent Catholic Church was built in Punta Gorda. This was followed by a newer, larger church in 1964 which was renovated in 1992 with additions to the back and front of the existing church. Hurricane Charley destroyed this church in 2004. A new church was built and dedicated in November 2008.

This mural includes all four churches with the last one represented as a dream. The mural also includes the image of the Sacred Heart as presented to Sister Margaret Mary in a vision. Christ said, “Tell the people that my heart is on fire with love for them.” The out stretched hands of the Risen Christ were inspired by a real carpenter.

In the center is a large Royal Poinciana tree. It represents a more graceful era. Hibiscuses adorn the foreground in honor of Harry “Pete” Goulding who as a resident of Punta Gorda was instrumental in the creation of many varieties of hibiscus.

The bird on the sandy beach is the Punta Gorda city bird, a yellow crowned night heron. Notice on the far left of the mural a family of eagles who annually make their home here in Charlotte County. This mural also contains 3 hidden secrets; 2 in the clouds and a 3rd one for you to find.

The mural was painted by artists Madga (Maggie) Ruiz and Fran Petrow and sponsored by the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. The mural was dedicated on April 30, 2009.