First City Council


Charles Peck

Punta Gorda City Hall Annex
126 Harvey Street

6.5′ x 24′

Mural Creation Sponsors
2001: City of Punta Gorda
Mayor Marilyn P. Smith-Mooney
Family of the late Mayor William F. Richards

2016: Charlotte Community Foundation

The first city council was comprised the 7 gentlemen pictured here from a 1887 photograph:
From left to right : Tom Hector (City Clerk), J.O. Swisher, John Fishback (City Marshal), Dr, W.H. Burland (first mayor), Kelly B. Harvey, Neil Dahl, and James Sandlin. Records show that W.H. Simmons (not Burland) was the first mayor and that John Stanfield (not Fishback) served as the first marshal.

The scenes surrounding the First City Council members depict historical places and happenings of that time: (left to right)

  1. The Alice Howard, a mail and tour river boat
  2. In 1885 Fred Remington, a renown Western artist, came to Punta Gorda and this scene is taken from one of his paintings showing a man fishing with his guide.
  3. Sailing a homemade Sharpie Gaff rigged Knockabout
  4. The Hotel Punta Gorda
  5. The Gaff Rigged Ketch “Oriole” belonging to Caldwell Colt, heir to the Colt Gun Company
  6. One of the articles Fred Remington wrote about Punta Gorda was about the “Cow Hunters”, also called “Crackers”. This is another one of his paintings
  7. Florida Southern Railway carried fish, cattle, produce, and wealthy tourists to Punta Gorda
  8. The Hector House owned by Thomas Hector, City Clerk
  9. Phosphate steamship, the Lewis Luckenbach, at the Port of Punta Gorda about 1904
  10. Tarpon fishing was a popular sport among the winter visitors and residents
  11. A Sharpie Gaff Rigged Ketch in 1900 was 70 feet long and carried a three man crew. The Sharpie was ideal for fisherman because of its minimum rigging design

The mural was originally dedicated on August 8, 2001. The wall was reconstructed in 2015 and the mural was repainted by the original artist in 2016 and re-dedicated on April 21, 2016.