Classes & Tours

Want to learn more about the Murals and the History of our area?

We offer Mural Classes and Walking Tours. Learn more about our Mural Program and the rich local history of the area by taking a tour or attending a class. We teach the Class throughout the year and offer Walking Tours during the cooler months of January – March.

Mural Classes:

“The History of Punta Gorda in its Murals” Classes

Visit all the murals from the comfort of your seat as we walk through 450 years of local Punta Gorda history using the murals as a guide. Hear about the Mural Society and get a sneak peek at upcoming projects.  In the classes the murals are presented in chronological order based on the history they represent.

The class has been divided into 2 parts:

  • The History of Punta Gorda in its Murals Part 1:  The Early Years – from pre-Spanish Exploration to pre- WWI.
  • The History of Punta Gorda in its Murals Part 2:  Post World War I – picks up from where the Part 1 class left off continuing the telling of our local history from WWI through modern day.

The parts can be taken independently, though it is would recommended to start with Part 1.  If you are unable to take Part 2 in the same month, the class is designed so you can take Part 2 at a later date.

This class is offered through the Renaissance Academy of FGCU (downtown Punta Gorda at Herald Court Centre). Upcoming Classes are scheduled for:

  • October 22nd and 24th (2018)
  • January 28th & 30th (2019)
  • February 25th & 27th (2019)
  • March 25th & 27th (2019)

CLICK HERE to register (just search for “Mural”) or call 941-505-0130.

Mural Walking Tours:

  • Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce offered Walking Tours: Walking Tours are offered in season in conjunction with the Punta Gorda Chamber of Commerce. CLICK HERE to go to the website to find dates and register or call 941-639-3720.
  • Private Tours: We offer private tours for groups of 10-20 (small donation per person is encouraged). Get a group together and CLICK HERE to let us know you are interested and we will contact you to set it up.