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Captivating Charlotte County
by Keith Goodson, 2022

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Newsletter | January 2022

New Mural are Installed! Here’s our January Newsletter – Click HERE. New “Life and Times of George Brown” Mural New “Captivating

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Newsletter | December 2021

New Mural Walls are Ready & Mural Tours are BACK! Here’s our December Newsletter – Click HERE.

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End of the Line

by Richard Currier, 1997

Town founder Isaac Trabue and Henry Plant, the man who built railroads on the west coast of Florida, specifically the end of the line in Punta Gorda, are depicted in this mural. Punta Gorda prospered when the railroad came to town.

Classics of the Past

by Patrick Cleland, 2005

Nostalgia reigns in downtown Punta Gorda. When Steve Feineigle purchased the old gas station on the corner of US 41 North and Olympia in 2003 he wanted to establish a business that was something to be proud of. What better way than with murals?

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