Newsletter | April 2019

April Newsletter

Walking Tours & History Classes are done for the Season

ladies mural

Our Tours & Classes received Rave Reviews!
Hopefully, you were able to join us for a tour or class this season and learned a little about our local history.  Our new wireless audio equipment was a great addition to our tours, significantly increasing the quality and experience.  Thanks again to the Shively Charitable Foundation and the Community Foundation of Sarasota County for providing the funds for this equipment.
Tours will start up again next January. Stay tuned for future dates for our History Classes.

School of fish

 Progress of the port holesMore ‘Tails’ along the Harborwalk…

Lots of Progress on the
The weather is cooperating and Artist Skip Dyrda is adding new elements 
Stop by and take a look.Fish chaseRed fish

A little story about a very special Sea Turtle

After some research and a trip to Mote Aquarium, our Artist Skip Dryda uncovered a really neat story about a sea turtle who lived in the Peace River off the coast of Punta Gorda. This Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle was rescued by Mote Aquarium in April 2015 and named Squirt 2.  He was in very bad shape having been hit in the eye by a boat propeller and was suffering from pneumonia.  Mote nursed him back to health and he is now a permanent resident of the aquarium. Squirt 2 Kemp's Ridley Sea TurtleKemp’s Ridley Sea Turtles are very rare and extremely endangered but once existed in large numbers in our waters prior to the 1940’s.  One of the smallest of the sea turtles, they can reach 24″ in length, weigh 100 pounds and are native to the Gulf waters.  Skip will be using Squirt 2 as the model for our sea turtle port hole in the mural.
To read more about Squirt 2’s story, go to this link at Mote:

Saying Good-Bye (for now) to the Hotel Punta Gorda Mural 

Unfortunately, we’re losing our Hotel Punta Gorda mural.  Created in 2011, this popular mural has graced our town’s landscape for the past eight years.
The condo structure that hosts the mural is experiencing major water intrusion issues and the stucco must be removed to address the issue.  We hope to raise the funds to repaint the mural in the future.

Hotel Punta Gorda MuralHotel Punta Gorda Mural Removal

Looking for a Cool Tee Shirt


Check out Our “Tails from the Harbor” Tee’s at Cafe Press

You might have seen our Tour Guide or our Artist wearing a “Tails” mural Tee Shirt.  The shirts were designed by our Artist Skip Dyrda and feature our sea turtle port hole.  They are for sale at A small portion of the sale goes to the Mural Society.tails_from_the_harbor_tshirtTails from the Harbor Shirt Front