Newsletter | May 2019

May Newsletter


dolphin upcloseTarponfrog on muralbird on mural with string

Mural Nearing Completion

Fish (and other characters) continue to be added to the mural.

Progress slowed this week when the lovebugs blew into town in mass. They love the harbor area and were at the mural in the thousands, making it impossible to paint. Hopefully, they will be gone soon and progress can continue.



long view of mural

“Tails from the Harbor” Mural Dedication
Thursday, June 20th
Ribbon Cutting – 5:00pm
Please add this event to your calendar and join us at the mural for a drink and the dedication of this amazing mural.


living history dress up
The Mural Society took part in the Charlotte Community Foundation’s Beyond the Looking Glass fundraising gala on April 20th.  It was a night of philanthropy and a chance to get to know the nonprofits who received 2019 CCF Grants.  We received a grant for our “Tails” mural.
Scot Shively joined Kelly Gaylord at our booth bringing to life Captain Jack McCann and Miss Belle McBean.  Fun was had by all as they recounted meeting Teddy Roosevelt on his trip to Punta Gorda to harpoon the Devil Fish in 1917.

You can still get a Cool Tee Shirt
Check out Our “Tails from the Harbor” Tee’s at Cafe Press
You might have seen our Tour Guide or our Artist wearing a “Tails” mural Tee Shirt.  The shirts were designed by our Artist Skip Dyrda and feature our sea turtle port hole.  They are for sale at A small portion of the sale goes to the Mural Society.Tails from the Harbor Shirt Fronttails_from_the_harbor_tshirt