Sep 04, 2018

Newsletter | September 2018

Henry Plant - The "King of Florida"

This month... Good News (and a little history) First the Good News... Fundraising is Complete! Thanks to a very generous charitable fund grant from Bill & Zoe Hopkins and the awarding of a Charlotte Community Foundation Investment Grant, we have secured the remaining funds needed to create the Harborwalk mural! We are thankful for all the support we receive from the Community and are excited to bring this amazing mural to our town.  The start date is set for November (weather permitting). The Harborwalk Mural Project This mural will be painted on the retaining wall under the US 41 southbound bridge along the Punta Gorda Harborwalk.  This walkway is used by more than 1000 walkers and bicyclists every day (2000 in season).   It will capture our Charlotte Harbor marine life, past and present. And now some History... Henry Plant - The "King of Florida"  (Picture from the Henry B. Plant Museum) If you’ve joined us on a mural tour or attended one of our history classes you've heard about Henry Plant and his role in southwest Florida’s railroad industry and specifically his impact on the development of Punta Gorda.  He’s featured in our “End of the Line” mural on the corner of US 41 N and Marion Avenue. You may have also heard of another Henry, Henry Flagler, whose focus was developing the east coast’s rail system. But did you know there was a connection between the two men?  Flagler was one of the initial investors in Plant’s Investment Company started in Sanford, Florida in 1882. Henry Bradley Plant was a Connecticut businessman who began building his empire throughout the war-torn south by purchasing

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